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RecyCORK Project started in April 21th, 2015. We've accomplished

Recycled 61.33 Kg of Cork Stopper Partner List Partner Map

Sponsored 13.79 Kg of Cork Stopper Sponsored List

Last Updated Dec. 16th, 2015.


The latest news will be updated in our Facebook Page RecyCORK Project


Taiwan imports on average 50,000+ kg of cork stopper and 14,000,000+ bottles of wine annually

Have the idea ever crossed your mind what we could do and achieve if we recycled all those cork stoppers? How it will impact the environment and how it may support the creative applications?


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IF you want to know more about the project, please visit RecyCORK

IF you want to join us and be a part of RecyCORK partner, please fill the form partner application form

IF you wanna request free cork stopper for non profit purposes, please fill the form Sponsor request form

IF you approve the idea and value of RecyCORK project, please tell you friends or simply share the idea on your social media network


RecyCORK partner's location shown in Google map
Please bring your used cork stoppers to our partner location near you to show your supports
PS. You may support our RecyCORK partners by ordering a cup of wine when you pay a visit!

IF you have any questions, please contact us service@ssui.com.tw